Paid Advertising

Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

Pay Per Click Campaign management at Laser Red in Lincolnshire

PPC/Display Advertising

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is essentially when you (the advertiser) pay each time your advert is clicked. The most popular form of this is search engine advertising, which allows your ad to be shown in the ‘sponsored links’ section when someone searches for the relevant keywords.

With PPC advertising you only pay the search engine when your ad is clicked on. Hence ‘pay per click’. So it is vital that the ad you have set up directs to a specific landing page, and contains keywords linked to that search. If your campaign is intelligently targeted, you will be charged less for ad clicks! Resulting in higher profits for you. Winning!

Google AdWords

Google Adwords PPC Campaigns from Laser Red in Lincolnshire

So how does Google AdWords play a part? Google AdWords is the actual advertising platform where your ads are generated. Each time a search is carried out on Google, all the adverts stored within AdWords are compared against each other, and the best ads are then displayed to the world.

Creating the winning advert…

There is a lot involved with regards to choosing the winning ad: a combination of the cost per click (CPC) bid and the quality score determine the rank of the ad. If you had a really high bid on a keyword (higher than that of your competitor), but your quality score was low, your ad wouldn’t necessarily feature on top. We won’t bore you with the details of how to improve your quality score, trust us – there is a lot involved. However, we are on hand to help, so don’t you worry!

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Remember that t-shirt you looked at on that website the other day? Have you noticed it appears to be following you across the internet? Has it made its way into your social media life as well yet? That’s remarketing. Through cookies and codes, you’re able to target the 97% of website visitors who don’t convert on their first visit.

Your advert in front of the right people…

Through the generation of specific audiences, you’re able to target individual people who have been onto certain pages on your website, then hit them with clear-cut relevant pay per click (PPC) or pay per impression (PPI) ads. These can be shown to them on any website which features Google Display adverts or through Facebook as a text ad. Remarketing is incredibly effective when attempting to counter cart abandonment on an e-commerce website, as you can target the audience with the items they were looking at!

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Bing Advert Campaigns from Laser Red in Lincolnshire

Essentially, Bing advertising is the Microsoft equivalent to Google Adwords, but with Bing’s share of the search market growing at a faster rate, this really is a bandwagon to jump on. In general, if cost is your primary concern, Bing Ads are more suitable due to lower competition and cheaper CPCs. Campaigns are very targeted through this platform, resulting in your ad being shown to the right audience.

We’ll guide you in the right direction…

Whether you choose to run a Google AdWords or a Bing campaign, we will help you make the correct decision for your business. Regular audits will be undertaken to ensure the campaign is performing, and A/B testing can be used to make sure your ad is performing well.

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Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are an easy way to improve brand awareness, reach and engagement. There is a lot more to it that the good old days of ‘Boosted Posts’ (which are still around by the way). From videos and Facebook live, to creating custom audiences and remarketing, there are multiple options depending on your budget. A daily budget can be set, based on the likely number of people who will see the ad. Facebook advertising offers the following benefits:

  1. In-depth demographic targeting, matching ads to the interests of different audiences.
  2. Opportunity to build long-term relationships with customers.
  3. Ability to retarget an existing customer, directly matching your product/service to their interests.

Why not get your next social media campaign off the ground, and see where it could lead you?! Check out our Social Media page for a more in-depth look.

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Facebook Advert Campaigns from Laser Red in Lincolnshire

Twitter Ads

Twitter Ad Campaigns from Laser Red in Lincolnshire

According to

  1. Over 66% of Twitter users are discovering new small/medium size businesses on Twitter.
  2. A whopping 94% of people plan to purchase from the SMBs they follow.

So now you can see why Twitter Ads are so important, particularly for smaller companies. There are several ‘promoted’ options including tweets, accounts and trends, all of which can be interacted with in the same way as organic content. If you are after increased engagement and are on a strict budget, Twitter ads could be your answer. Customised ads are shown to visitors using information from profiles, mobile device location, IP address and even the apps installed on the device! This opens up a whole new channel to target your customers with.

Website cards give a 43% higher engagement rate compared to using promotional tweets with links.

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