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Bespoke Development

Bespoke Development for CRMs, Apps, Intranets and Databases at Laser Red in Lincolnshire

Bespoke Development

There isn’t always a plug-in or add-on that does what you need it to do. You can’t always find that perfect software with the functionality you need. We’re extremely experienced when it comes to creating bespoke apps, databases, customer relationship management software (CRMs) and intranets. Our award winning team will work closely with you every step of the way, from initial idea to implementation.

Mobile App Development

Bespoke Mobile App Development at Laser Red in Lincolnshire

Nearly everybody now has a smartphone or tablet which they use to access their emails, the internet or mobile apps. Nowadays Joe Bloggs expects to be able to access your app or website on the go. Although our fantastic mobile friendly responsive websites will take you so far, an app can take you even further.

The sky is the limit, get in touch!

We can design and develop mobile applications for both iOS and Android devices. We’ll work with you throughout the entire project to ensure we’re building the best app we can. If you’ve got an idea you want to make a reality, contact us now!

Got a great idea for a new app? We can make it a reality


CRM Development

The main aim of a customer relationship manager (CRM) is to maintain your customer or products records in a centralised location. It’s crucial that this data is collected securely and efficiently, so all departments can access it when needed. Our CRM development team will help you achieve the perfect solution for your business.

We get to know you and your business…

We’ll first understand the needs and requirements of your business, then work alongside you develop the ideal solution. We can work with you to develop a tool which generates information about your customers, but also work alongside you when it comes to developing your client base.

We can build you the tools you need Get in touch, to find out how
Bespoke CRM Development at Laser Red in Lincolnshire

Intranet Development

Bespoke Intranet Development at Laser Red in Lincolnshire

They key to success for your business is for your staff members to be able to communicate and collaborate seamlessly. Our skilled intranet design and development team can work with you to create your perfect personalised intranet. It’s rarely just about content sharing; we’ll discuss your key business requirements and create a system that works for you.

Your intranet should work FOR you…

Using our award winning experience we can design and develop a fantastic intranet that integrates with your existing HR systems, calendar software or file servers. We design all our intranets with the user in mind, unlike most off-the-shelf software.

We understand intranets Let's make yours brilliant