The Project

Our marketing client Solar Power NI needed a modern, easy-to-use website to help increase their traffic and leads.

For successful SEO results, it is important that a website is fast, responsive and consistently updated with useful information. Solar Power NI were struggling with their current, unintuitive website build that was difficult to update and provided little opportunity to expand and adapt as the company did so.

A need for speed

Despite the valiant efforts from our marketing specialists, we were limited in what we could achieve for them on their existing website at the time. Their website was likely a hindrance for ticking all of those important SEO boxes, it was built on a WordPress page builder which is known for its ease to market, but limits the ability to reach its full potential. The solution was to design and build a new website that provided speed and scope.

The stats don’t lie

We believe that proof is in the pudding. Although we are usually confident that a speedy site will naturally help increase search rankings and improve SEO, the data after a new site launch is what really shows how much of a difference has been made. The data shows a significant increase in both organic

We smashed the results

453% Increase in organic site traffic

634% Increase in organic conversions

Increasing online authority

The new website launched in January 2022, and since, we have been able to fully optimise it for search engines.

This has resulted in huge increases in website authority, taking their domain authority from 2 to 11 in just 6 months.

Combining paid search & organic

Once we had focused in on the plans, we created a full go-to marketing strategy outlining how we could achieve the goals set out together. After market research, we decided to use paid search to reach our target demographics in a competitive landscape, ensuring we achieved a positive return on ad spend.

Eye-catching advertising

With the new website underway, Solar Power NI needed a paid marketing strategy that worked; and that’s what we provided. With brand new landing pages, improved keyword research and strategy implementation we saw staggering results.

We smashed the results

341% Increase in paid conversions in the first 6 months

111% Increase in conversion rate in the first 6 months

New found freedom

The significant rise in energy price is a hot topic of discussion and it looks like this trend is set to stay with us for a while. Providing solar panels and EV chargers; Solar Power NI have lots of new and relevant content to share with their customers. Their new, flexible website built by us at Laser Red has never been more useful with lots of new search queries to tackle and important information to share about how solar energy might just be the key to reducing energy bills for many Irish residents.