The brief

Glorious! Foods came to us looking for a website that reflected their values and diverse product ranges. They wanted to inspire their G! fans to adventure through food, and also give supermarkets confidence in their product. We cooked up something spectacular that was definitely Michelin star worthy. We not only helped align their brand values but also created a dedicated soup-selling machine that works around the clock.

The design

Let’s face it, you taste everything with your eyes first and this website is going to be no different. Our talented designers did everything possible to make sure you could taste the soup just from looking at the page. Vibrant colours and large images have the user salivating before they know it.

We provided Glorious! with a breakdown of their 16 bespoke page elements; each crafted to showcase their beautiful soups. These 16 wonderful elements became the basis for the entire website, allowing them to create and build as many pages as they wished.


Glorious! Is more than just fresh soups and sauce kits. They wanted to highlight the magnificent recipes that the Glorious! chefs have been cooking up. The recipes are a great way to showcase the versatility of the Glorious! fresh soups and just how much of a taste adventure they can take you on.

The right soup

Glorious! needed a way for their G! fans to find their favourite soup quickly, but also explore new and tasty options. Our multi-option filter system means users can be adventuring through a personalised food selection before they can say ‘gluten-free’.

So, grab your luggage, passport, and taste buds, and fly off to Singapore or Thailand with a Glorious! fresh soup today.

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