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Astonishingly there are 63,000 searches per second online on any given day. That is a whole lot of traffic to compete with. So how does your business stand out from the crowd?

Our digital marketing gurus will create specific ads for your business and using selected keywords you can attract ready-to-buy customers.

Pay per click (PPC) has reached far beyond the realms of just Google, we are available to support you across all platforms including Bing, YouTube and with remarketing and shopping ads.

How can my business be discovered?

We smashed the results

6500% Google Ads ROI

2100% ROAS with Google Shopping Ads

Bespoke PPC strategy

Targeting the right audience with a relevant ad will always result in more leads and conversions.

With our digital marketers on board, we will generate a keyword list aligned to your business goals. The performance of your ads will be monitored around the clock, optimising the key metrics and making the most of your budget. So just sit back and relax as the conversions flood in.

We constantly focus on return on adspend (ROAS), fine-tuning your ads to ensure you pay less and generate more – simples.

Okay, so where do I start?

So how do you fancy some more leads and conversions?

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Why Choose a Google Partner PPC Agency?

Our accredited team will work hard to make sure that your ads really sing and therefore are placed in front of your clients’ eyes at the right moment. You then only pay when they click!

Being Google Partners means we are working directly with Google so we find out all the latest updates way ahead of time, we are have access to Beta features which the average organisation wouldn’t.

Being a Google Partner means our team are qualified in PPC so we know lots of technical tricks and magic which will constantly focus on driving down the cost of these clicks, while generating high-quality conversions.

Win win right?

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Love from our clients

“The overall performance we saw from day one was unbelievable. We continue to receive a large amount of online leads, which usually turn into new and on-going business. Overall we are delighted with the service and the way Tom and Laser Red have handled the PPC campaigns for OceanBlue Logistics”

Daniel Morrison
OceanBlue Logsitics

4300% return on Ad Spend