Key stats

40 million

people view the project per year


admin system to manage all content

Social media

integration to allow user content

Each year over 40 million people visit Las Vegas. That’s a lot of eyeballs! Our client wanted to attract those eyes to three large format displays located ourside the Fashion Show mall on the Las Vegas strip.

We were tasked with creating the interactive system, integrated with Instagram, and controlled by a secure admin system. The project was a huge success and is now in place at two malls in the USA.

Instagram integration and large screen animations, in Vegas!

The brief

Our long standing client Show+Tell, based in NYC, came up with an amazing concept that got us really excited. The project brief was to create a web-based admin system, to moderate selfies taken by shoppers, and post onto Instagram with the hashtag #fashionshowlvfame.

The photos could be rejected or approved and queued up for use in an animation, and shown on one of three large format advertising screens at the entrance to the mall.

The animation was shown every few minutes, with advertisements for the mall’s shops in-between each selfie spotlight showing.

How we built it

Using CSS to generate advanced real-time animations on large screen displays for interactive advertising, is not something we are aware of being used before. We worked in partnership with Daktronics, one of the world’s largest suppliers of electronic signs, to integrate HTML5/CSS functionality into their screen controller software. The Selfie Spotlight app was the first live product to make use of this software upgrade.

We also utilised horizontal scalability using Node.js and MongoDB to make the app highly scale-able and distributed across data centers. This meant that under high volumes, the app could easily scale on demand. It also meant we could host the app in multiple data centers, so that if a single data center had a power outage it wouldn’t affect the uptime of the application.

The animation in action

The admin system