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Knowledge is power

We can’t afford to get left behind. So when you come to work at Laser Red you can expect to benefit from a host of different training and learning experiences.

  • Training and conference allowance
  • Hack/training days
  • 90-day self-improvement goals
  • Biweekly 1-2-1’s
  • Quarterly targets, reviews and bonuses

Education and self-improvement are mega important to us – it gives us our superpowers!

Work hard… Play hard!

We really love our work, but even the most dedicated teams need some downtime. We make sure an office is a place that nurtures creativity. Somewhere we can conjure up winning marketing campaigns and awesome websites, but somewhere we can relax and socialise too.

Unwind with a game of pool, throw some arrows, maybe have a crack on the retro gaming console; or just take some time in the breakout area to gather your thoughts and give the old brainbox a rest.

Rewarding great work

We know a good job when we see one, and when a member of the team has smashed it, we make sure they are rewarded. We love to show appreciation when a team member:

  • Hits a target
  • Gets great client feedback
  • Completes their work sooner than planned
  • Goes above and beyond

A digital career with people in mind

We’re mindful that not everyone’s situation is the same, so we have introduced a flexible start and finish schedule to allow different team members to come and go at times of the day that suit their personal life.

We have found this especially helpful to those of the team who are parents, meaning they can fit work around the school run, holidays and commitments.

Remote working

For further flexibility we have also introduced remote working. Again, we recognise that not everyone is the same, and what works for one person doesn’t always work for another.

Remote working has allowed the team to choose where they wish to work and when. This could be at home, from a coffee shop or even while abroad – one team member worked from Thailand for 3 months.

We provide all of the right training and equipment in order to make sure remote workers still feel like part of the team.

Wellbeing days

Each member of the team has two wellbeing days a year that they can use to take the day off work to improve their own wellbeing – rest, relaxation or even extreme sports, we don’t mind. It’s your day to do what makes you happy.

These are not classed as holidays and do not affect their holiday allowance. They are designed to reduce the number of sick days, burnout and stress – and yes sometimes hangovers. We’re human beings just like you.

Our office

Some may say it’s grim up north, but we beg to differ. Lincolnshire is one of the largest and prettiest counties in the UK.

Here are some interesting facts about Lincolnshire.

Grimsby office

There’s no Grim here!

  • Based in the heart of Grimsby
  • 2000 sqft warehouse style
  • On-site free parking
  • Pool table
  • Dog-friendly
  • Good road, rail and bus connections

We are surrounded by beautiful villages, stunning coastline, and the best of the Lincolnshire countryside. There’s always plenty to do too.

Furry friend’s welcome

Dogs have been proven to reduce stress in the workplace. How can they not, just look at those cute little faces!

We’re a dog-friendly office, your pooch is welcome anytime, as long as they’re house trained, pretty calm and will take on the very real responsibility of crumb clean up.

Saving lives

We try to be heroes in many ways, but possibly the most important way we do that is actively encouraging the team to give blood.

All team members can schedule to give blood at the local blood drive. They can do this as much as they want throughout the year and they are paid in full for the time spent at the blood bank.

On average the team donated over 20 pints of blood each year.

The BIG event

Every quarter we organise a big fun team event, all out of the bosses pocket. We’ll have a go at most things and in the past we’ve been known to partake in a little bit of this:

  • bowling
  • go-karting
  • trampoline parking
  • paintballing
  • big cinema premiers

We also try to get in one smaller team event each month. Even if it’s just a few drinks together at the local, or a movie or board game night.

Do some good

It’s not all about us… we mean, it is a bit, but we like to do our bit for the greater good and we love a bit of charity fun(d)raising. The dafter the better, from dressing up, crackers challenges to the more serious business of charity balls and events. We go big or go home!

As well as the big boys, we like to support a local charities as well, some close to our team’s heart. We do this with lots of fundraising and providing our expert services to help them achieve better awareness and increase donations.


If you’re interested in working with us please get in touch – Some of the happiest team members we have came from them reaching out. We’re always happy to talk to talented, passionate people.

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