29 Nov 2012

24 Hours – 6 Hours in…

It is now just over a quarter of the way through the 24 hours.Laser Red collective thinking..

With the majority of the 6 hours spent on planning, and more and more planning.  The team split into two sections where one group concentrated on website functionality first, working out which pages and what pages to go where in the planning stage, what design to produce and using the office wall, Blu-Tack and paper to help show how the website functionality should look. Discussions on the way forward, research on competitors websites, going over what we feel we require on our website to show our specialist website design and development skills. At the same time the Motion Graphics team were working on an idea to produce a 2D animation, then planning and discussing the best way to produce this.

Planning results..

Traveling along the original plan for the 24 hours we feel we are on track and the room is very quite with everyone having their head down working on their own part of the challenge, James on the Animation Showreel, Liam and John on the design and Elliott and Luke concentrating on the code.  Rowan taking time out to do some further training on the 3D program we have started to use.  Myself, blogging and creating text for the Motion Graphic part of the website.

Wall, Bue Tac and paper..

Question is, are we on schedule to complete within the 24 hours target we set our selves? This is an ambitious project, however splitting into to two groups while working in the same room has helped, we all were involved to some degree in each others projects, but managed to produce ideas and formulate plans for each other groups project.  It has also given us time to focus on our specialties and with no outside distractions.  At this stage we feel we are on track, the designs from John and Liam are looking good, the functionality from Elliott and Luke is progressing and the Showreel is looking good, more after 9pm tonight..

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Kirsty - Office Manager at Laser Red, Lincolnshire
Kirsty Richardson
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